Język/Language: Język Polski English language

Key info:

  • fully individualised access to timetable requires the completion of all administrative procedures for the semester - contact Dean's Office (Dziekanat),
  • full access to timetable for teachers is possible only after completion of all administrative procedures available in the 'Katedra' module of Gakko,
  • language classes in Warsaw - in case of questions, please contact the Foreign Languages Department, room 105, main building, sjo@pja.edu.pl,
  • language classes in Gdańsk - in case of questions, contact Dean's Office,
  • the method of creation of group symbols is explained here
  • on the timetable classes conducted in a remote mode are marked with a light-green color

Menu options:

  • General timetable – the timetable with all courses, accessible without logging in,
  • Group's timetable – the timetable of the chosen student group, accessible without logging in,
  • Your timetable – individualised timetable, accessible only after logging in


Buildings of the Academy

Name of buildingLocationAddress
15A2020Warszawaul. Koszykowa 86
16B2020Warszawaul. Koszykowa 86
8BytomBytomul. Aleja Legionów 2
2CWarszawaul. Nowogrodzka 73
11FWarszawaul. Koszykowa 86
12GWarszawaul. Nowogrodzka 84/86
19Gdańsk AGdańskTarg Drzewny
7Gdańsk BGdańskul. Brzegi 55
17HWarszawaul. Nowogrodzka 68
6L.O.Warszawaul. Szczęśliwicka 33A
List of buildings